Asbestos Roof in Lafayette, LA: What to Do

POSTED ON: August 1, 2020

The renovation and restoration of historic homes is becoming a popular alternative to building new for many home buyers. Often times, the cost of the house and the renovation is less expensive than the cost of a new home of a similar size, and historic homes offer what new homes cannot: character. However, that does not mean that historic homes do not come without their own share of problems, one of which is asbestos roofs in Lafayette, LA.

How do you know if the roof on your beautiful historic home is asbestos? It’s hard to tell just by looking. Asbestos roofs in Lafayette, LA come in a variety of colors and styles and many companies manufactured them differently. If your home was built between 1920 and 1980, or the roof was replaced during that time period, it is highly possible that your roof is asbestos as it was a common material used during that time. All of this is simply conjecture though unless you get your roofing materials professionally tested.

While it is true that asbestos only becomes dangerous as a roof deteriorates, it would be best to replace the roof completely and safely before you move your family into your new historic home. Asbestos roof replacement in Lafayette, LA follows the rule of better sooner than later to avoid complications. Your roofing company will have to take special care when removing your old roof, and they should also be trained in removing asbestos roofing in order to do so safely. Once your new roof is on and your home is complete, you can rest easy knowing that the air in your home is safe.