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Cleaning and Maintaining your Flat Roof in South Louisiana

POSTED ON: June 1, 2022

The difficulty of flat roofs is that they can harbor debris, and it piles up quickly because there is no slope for the debris to slide down. However, simple and regular maintenance can keep your flat roof in South Louisiana like new.

Remove Debris from your Flat Roof

This is the first step to cleaning and maintaining your roof. Without a natural slope, flat roofs can accumulate standing water and other debris. Your first priority should be removing standing water to prevent leaks, which can damage the integrity of your building if left to their own devices. A push broom is great for cleaning water and debris off flat roofs. Removing leaves and sticks and other debris from the roof, then pushing water toward the gutters to flow down the structure, is optimal. Make sure your gutters remain free of trash, leaves, and other debris as well. If your structure has nearby trees, it is important to regularly remove the leaves and twigs from the gutters, so the water can vacate the roof and prevent the gutters from becoming waterlogged.

Inspecting your Flat Roof

After removing debris and standing water, inspecting your flat roof in South Louisiana for damage to shingle, vents, or flashing is important. This will tell you if you should call in a professional roofing company in your area to inspect and potentially repair/replace your flat roof if it is time.

Cleaning your Flat Roof

Cleaning your flat roof in South Louisiana is as simple as using a pressure washer or detergent to remove stains, algae, and mildew. If you have plants you wish to preserve, a detergent-based cleaning process should be avoided because it can potentially ruin your plants. With pressure washing, the flat roof is cleaned manually, and detergents can be completely avoided.