Flat Roof Maintenance

POSTED ON: November 1, 2019

Flat roofs are most commonly used for commercial applications because they are cost-efficient, easy to repair and maintain, and industrial buildings can place HVAC and ventilation systems on top of flat roofs because they require a flat surface. Shopping centers, hospitals, tall buildings for residential or office use, all typically use flat roofing systems. In cities, flat roofs are popular and become extra outdoor living space for residents that can house roof-top gardens or decking.

Maintaining your flat roofing system in Lafayette, LA consistently is key to ensuring the long-life of your roof. Checking your roof on a regular basis can detect any issues early before large problems arise. A flat roof system makes this especially easy because you can walk the roof with ease. Keeping your flat roof clean and free of debris is essential. A flat roof collects leaves, twigs, and outdoor debris more easily than their sloped counterparts. Checking your roof for issues and cleaning twice a year should be enough, and you can get both done at the same time. Be sure to not damage your roof while walking on it however.

Lessening the amount of debris that collects on your flat roofing system by trimming back trees and branches makes cleaning up your roof biannually much easier. Branches from trees that may scratch the top of your flat roof can damage the integrity of the covering and allow for leaks.

We don’t have to worry about snow or ice too much in Louisiana, but in the areas that do, watching the weight of the ice on your roof is a good idea. Too heavy, and the roof can develop cracks, leaks, or even collapse. Generally, properly built flat roofs are strong enough to withstand this, but it never hurts to check.

Lastly, proper drainage is essential to prevent water from pooling in place on your roof. If water is pooling, odds are your drainage is not sufficient and needs to be addressed. Overall, a properly installed and maintained roof should last a decade or more.