Flat Roofs in Baton Rouge, LA: The Installation Process

POSTED ON: May 1, 2021

The general purpose of a roof system is to maintain a building’s water tightness and to keep its contents dry. While a flat roof may seem antithetical to that purpose, they are a great option for commercial spaces as flat roofs in Baton Rouge, LA are watertight, economical and a great place to put a commercial building’s AC units and other appliances that would otherwise take up valuable real estate. There are three general types of flat roofing: built-up roof (BUR for short), which consists of layers of hot tar and gravel alternated with several layers of waterproof material; modified bitumen roof (MBR), which is a two-ply rolled roof; and rubber membrane roof, also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), it is a durable single-ply membrane material similar to that of an inner tube.

The installation method for flat roofing in Baton Rouge, LA depends entirely on the material being used. BUR systems are labor intensive but the most economical of the three, and they tend to be more attractive for buildings that have windows that may overlook the roof or use the flat roof as an outdoor space. BUR installation can be messy, but it’s durability and cost-effectiveness often outweigh the negatives.

MBR systems are a mid-line roofing system in Baton Rouge, LA that is known for its tensile strength and make a great roofing system where a lot of activity is anticipated for the roof. They are also simple to maintain. EPDM systems are extremely versatile, durable and provide flexibility in colder climates. With a single-ply installation material, the installation is super simple and the material is resistant to chemicals, UV rays and more.