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Hurricane Season and your Roof in Baton Rouge

POSTED ON: September 1, 2022

During the past few years, Baton Rouge (like a lot of Louisiana) has been pelted by hurricane after hurricane. Despite what seems to be a quieter 2022 season thus far, another hurricane is inevitable given Baton Rouge’s proximity to the gulf. It will always be better to be over prepared than under prepared, so what do you do when a hurricane is heading your way? Between flooding waters, falling tree limbs, and high-speed winds, your home or business takes a beating even from the milder storms. If you evacuate, make sure to bring a copy of your homeowner’s insurance and any other form of insurance relevant to your home or business with you so you can easily access it if your home is damaged. Calling quickly after the storm has passed can mean your home is fixed faster. Pelican Roofing in Baton Rouge, LA can deal directly with your insurance for you, ensuring you get the best service without having to deal with your insurance company yourself during a stressful time.

Hurricane force winds can pull up shingles completely or cause the edges to curl up. The curled edges or removed shingles mean the underside of your roof is exposed to the elements and moisture can seep in. The combination of wind and rain means that as the wind shifts your shingles, rain finds its way in and can seep into the attic. Falling tree limbs can puncture the roof if they are heavy enough, and crack or tear shingles. If you evacuate, make sure you check your gutters for signs that grain particles are coming off your shingles and depositing in your gutters when you get home. Wind can remove items from your roof such as your attic vents, satellite dishes, and antennas. Storms can damage a roof in subtle ways, but that subtle damage can create big problems inside. A professional assessment from a reliable roofing company in Baton Rouge is the best way to ensure your roof sustained no damage if it is not visible to your eye.

Your roof protects your residence or commercial building from the elements, and when your roof is damaged, the interior is vulnerable. After a storm, one of the most important things to do after settling back in will be to check your roof for damage and to place a tarp over damaged areas. Before placing the tarp, make sure to document damage for your insurance company if you plan to file a claim. An experienced roofing contractor in Baton Rouge will be able to determine whether your roof needs simple repairs or total replacement.