Maintaining your Metal Roof in Louisiana

POSTED ON: December 1, 2019

Metal roofs are extremely popular in Louisiana. They offer a traditional look people associate with historic Southern homes, and the nostalgia of hearing rain ping off a metal roof is second to none. But how do you care for them? With the wet Louisiana weather, you’d think a metal roof would be prone to rust and rot. However, metal roofs are extremely durable and can last 50 years or more when properly maintained. The most important aspect of having a long-lasting metal roof is hiring the right roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA for your home. A poorly installed metal roof will not last, and will incur expense after expense.

Surface maintenance of your roof is important. Mildew, stains, and other elements can degrade your roof. With regular cleaning you can prevent this damage and keep your roof looking brand new. Sometimes a simple wash with a hose and water is all the roof needs. Sometimes elbow grease is needed, but don’t use just any material. Soft dish sponges are great cleaning tools, and a mixture of detergent and water with a little bit of scrub action should be enough. Other times, to remove mildew or algae a bleach mixture is needed but should only be used on affected areas of the roof.

Making sure your roof and gutters are clear of debris extends the life of your roof as well. Piles of leaves on a roof can create moisture issues, and sagging, heavy gutters can damage the structure of the roof edge. Trees along the edge of your home should also be regularly trimmed to make sure branches aren’t resting on the roof. Branches low enough to touch the roof can scratch and damage the paint system on the metal roof.

Keep an eye on your roof for excessive fading, chipping, or a chalky look. Contact your roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA after a heavy storm with hail or debris to come give it a once over. Above are simple maintenance items you can do, but most other metal roofing maintenance must-dos are best left to professionals.