Baton Rouge Roof Wind Damage

Managing Baton Rouge Roof Wind Damage

POSTED ON: June 24, 2024

In Baton Rouge, roof wind damage is a prevalent issue that requires prompt and effective management to ensure the safety and longevity of your home. At Pelican Roofing, we specialize in addressing these challenges, offering comprehensive solutions and expert advice. 


Here’s everything you need to know about managing roof wind damage effectively.


Identifying Roof Wind Damage


Strong winds can significantly harm your roof, which might not always be visible from the ground. Common signs of roof wind damage include:


  • Missing Shingles – Strong winds can lift shingles from the roof, leading to gaps that expose the underlayment.
  • Curling or Peeling Shingles – Inspect the edges and corners of shingles for signs of curling or peeling caused by wind uplift.
  • Damaged Flashing – Check metal flashings at the roof joints, around chimneys, and skylights, as these areas are vulnerable to being bent or torn by high winds.
  • Debris Accumulation – After a storm, debris such as branches or other materials can indicate more severe damage.


Steps to Take Immediately After Detecting Wind Damage


  1. Perform a Safety Check – Assess the situation from the ground or through windows using binoculars. Do not climb onto the roof immediately following a storm.
  2. Document the Damage – Take clear photos and videos to document the extent of the damage for insurance claims.
  3. Implement Temporary Fixes – Cover any breaches with a waterproof tarp to prevent water from entering the home.


Long-Term Solutions and Professional Roof Repair


After securing the roof temporarily, contact a professional roofing service like Pelican Roofing. Our expert team will:


  • Conduct a Detailed Inspection – We provide a thorough inspection to assess the full extent of the damage.
  • Offer Tailored Repair Solutions – Depending on the severity of the damage, we may suggest repairs or, in some cases, a complete replacement.
  • Use High-Quality Materials – We use the best materials available that are suited to withstand Baton Rouge weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting repairs.


Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Wind Damage


Handling insurance claims can be complicated, but it’s crucial when dealing with significant repairs. Here’s how Pelican Roofing can assist:

  • Documentation and Assessment – We help document all damages and provide a detailed assessment to support your claim.
  • Liaison with Insurance Companies – Our team can liaise directly with your insurance company to facilitate the claims process, making sure you receive the rightful compensation.


Preventative Measures to Mitigate Future Wind Damage


Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to roof maintenance. We recommend:


  • Regular Roof Inspections – Schedule inspections twice a year and after major storms to catch and fix minor issues before they escalate.
  • Tree Management – Keep trees around your house trimmed to minimize the risk of branches falling onto your roof during high winds.
  • Roof Enhancements – Consider installing wind-resistant shingles or reinforcing existing roofing materials to improve your roof’s resilience against storm damage.


Why Pelican Roofing?


Pelican Roofing is your trusted local expert in Baton Rouge, dedicated to providing the highest quality roofing services. We understand the local climate and its challenges, ensuring that each solution we offer is tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you suspect wind damage to your roof or want to prepare for future weather events, contact Pelican Roofing today. Our team is ready to provide you with the best service and solutions to protect your home effectively.