Signs of a Roof Leak

POSTED ON: April 1, 2020

For a lot of homeowners, we notice roof leaks too late. By then the damage is extensive and the price tag expensive. We do not know exactly what to look for, and sometimes it is hard to notice small changes in your own home when you are in and out every day. Maintaining a roof leak check schedule is a good routine to add to your regular home maintenance schedule. Calling your roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA and getting a leak repaired quickly before it can cause too much damage saves you money and time.

Ceiling stains are usually a telltale sign of a roof leak. They are not always obvious, and sometimes very hard to notice in dark corners or higher ceilings. The size of the stain is not indicative of the size of the leak, as sometimes a small water stain is all the evidence of a large roof leak. When checking your ceilings for stains, don’t forget to check closets and pantries. Drips from the ceiling or moisture on the walls can also indicate a leak. These are more common when an ice dam is formed on your roof during the winter months and starts to melt, so making sure ice dams don’t form is good roof maintenance.

Roof leaks are not always visible from the interior. Checking under the eaves of your roof is good practice to look for issues where the roof meets the exterior walls. Spots near the exterior walls is usually a sign of some kind of issue, and having your roofing contractor inspect the area could let you know what you are dealing with.

Take a look at the roof itself. Are shingles missing? Is there roofing debris in your gutters? These are obvious signs of trouble now or in the future. Keeping a schedule of roof leak checks every three to six months or after severe weather is good practice and will save you money.