To Repair or Replace? Selling your Home and your Roof

POSTED ON: January 2, 2020

When you plan to sell your home, you want to get the most money for it that you can. A new roof can entice potential buyers to make an offer because it means they don’t have to worry about replacing it in the long run, but is it truly necessary? Getting a roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA to inspect your roof is one of the crucial steps in getting your home ready to sell. The roof of your home plays the most important role in ensuring your homes habitability by making it weatherproof and insulating it from the heat and the cold.

By hiring a professional roofing company to come take a look at your roof and perform any necessary repairs or replacements, you are taking a weight off the new buyer’s shoulders which they are sure to appreciate. Things to consider when talking to your roofing contractor are the age of your roof. Is it more than 15 years old? If so, it might be best to replace the roof. An older roof could deter buyers from purchasing the home. They’re taking on a huge expense by buying a home, and another large expense looming in the future could give them cold feet and send them searching for a home with less to take on.

When doing an assessment yourself, look at the gutters, soffit, and fascia of your home. Do they look decayed? Is there any sign of rust or droopiness? All of these are potential issues that a buyer will see before even walking in your door. On the inside of your home are there any signs of water stains which could indicate a roof leak? All are things you may not notice day to day living in your home, but are things that will stick out like a giant red flag for any potential buyer. Getting all of this taken care of before placing your home on the market is essential.