Winterizing your Flat Roof in Lafayette

POSTED ON: January 1, 2021

After a long and draining hurricane season for southern Louisiana, it is important to remember that even if your commercial roof in Lafayette, LA survived without damage you cannot skip the year’s maintenance. Before winter weather can leave icy conditions, there are a few things you should check off the maintenance list for the year. The most important aspect of your flat roof is maintaining its waterproof capabilities. The waterproof membrane that covers your flat roof should last a good twenty to thirty years, but after an active storm season getting it checked out is a wise preventative measure.

A flat roof in Lafayette, LA requires drainage outlets to prevent water from becoming stagnant and rotting the structure. Storms can blow debris and trash onto your roof and, with the added rain, trash and debris can get stuck in the drainage outlets and cause clogs. These clogs will cause the roof to hold water. Keeping the drainage outlets clear is essential to flat roof maintenance in Lafayette, LA.

In Louisiana we do not need to worry as much about snow and potential ice dams on roofs, but making sure there is adequate insulation under your flat roof is a cautionary measure against future problems. Flat roofs are not as insulated from the indoor temperature of the building because there is no attic space, so without adequate insulation snow and ice can melt, run down the roof, refreeze and cause ice dams to form. While we do not need to worry about shoveling snow off flat roofs in Lafayette, LA, it is good idea to make sure the roof stays clear of other debris that can cause problems.